Hi there. I’m delayed in most of the projects I’ve planned to undertake since last month. Weather has been making painting rather challenging, and I’m waiting for parts (springs mainly) to be shipped over so I can install them in some blasters. Once I get everything up and running, I’ll let you know.

In other news, the new Dart Tag line has been making an appearance in stores here in the Philippines. With its flagship the Swarmfire, stores in the Metro Manila area also carry the Speedswarm, and the Speedload 6. What I really am waiting for though is the Sharp Shot, which I think are a cooler alternative to the Scout, which disappeared from stores back in April.

Anyway, it’s time for me to get back to the workshop and think of a blaster I can modify quickly. J



works in progress

Hi there. i was feeling a little better over the weekend so I resumed work on one of the items in the queue, namely the Recon.  My daughter changed her mind and wanted that instead so I’ve decided to continue on with it.  This is how it looks now, with a metallic basecoat laid on:

and well this is the Deploy… thoroughly deployed all over the place. hahaaha!  At least now I can take my time with it, and hopefully I could throw in a few mods and properly but it back together. 🙂

What’s Up

In a sense, everything really. I have the Deploy I’m working on in close to a hundred pieces all over the workshop, the Recon is not yet put together, and everything that is in the queue is in still there. I just need to get a little bit better (yes, I’m a bit under the weather) then things will start moving again. For those in the Philippines, how’s your summer coming along? Blazing hot eh?

Review: “Fer de Lance” nerf darts

I was looking at Black Tactical‘s online store when I ran across some darts that they were selling.  I read the description and thought, at SGD 10, it was worth a try.  The great part about the transaction was that it shipped through DPEX, which went straight to my door.  No hassles, no having to see the Jabbaesque customs guy at Pasig CPO.  The moment the package came in, I opened it (without taking pics first haha) so this is what it looked like after I fished out a few darts:

As you can see from the pic above, their tips are flat and are made of a soft green rubber.  I find this superior to the streamline because the streamline’s head is soo not aerodynamic, what with the hole and such.  Here’s a pic of them side by side:

My initial indoor firing tests show that the “FDL yellows” fly straighter than streamlines.  no wild rounds with the crazy spinning that is the hallmark of the streamline.  So for the ultimate test, I loaded a six-dart clip into my modded Alpha Trooper (ARs knocked out, plunger seal improved) with the following: 2 stock streamlines, 2 modded streamlines (here’s a tutorial on modding streamline darts), and 2 FDL yellows.  All shots were fired parallel to ground (PTG), in the hallway of my apartment’s floor (no wind).  Here are the results:

Landing points:

  1. 9.6 metres (31.4 ft); an FDL yellow. 😦 upon closer examination, the tail on the dart was pinched, probably from shipping.
  2. 10.2 metres (33.4 ft): stock streamline
  3. 10.5 metres (34.5 ft): stock streamline, wild round. it was spinning all over the place before it landed.
  4. 10.8 metres (35.4 feet): modded streamline
  5. 11.4 metres (37.4 feet): FDL yellow
  6. 11.7 metres (38.3 feet): modded streamline.

I’ll probably conduct another test on a late night some time in the future.  One thing I did notice is that the FDLs flew straighter than any of the darts.  It would be interesting to see them fired out of an OMW blaster.  One thing I got out of this test though; I will probably pick up at least another pack of FDL Yellows when I go to Singapore later this year. 🙂

Unboxing the OMW Massacre Kit

So after about two and a half weeks of waiting and calling up the Pasig City Central Post Office, my package from Orange Mod Works (OMW), which was shipped out of their Taiwan office, arrives.  I’d like to say that the people at the post office were most helpful, allowing me to periodically check with them through the tracking number supplied to me by OMW.  However… there’s just one bit I’m not too sure about.  The Philippine Customs office.

We have a lot of stories about Customs people… a lot of them associated with corruption.  So when I was asked to come and sit down in this guy’s office, instead of paying the usual PHP40 fee for imported toys, I had a feeling something was up.  The transaction had all the trappings of a pretty legit affair, with calculations and customs documents and receipts and all.  They guy said that what I was bringing in was not a toy and that it was to be classified as something similar to airsoft parts (b******t, i thought), but being unsure myself, I went along.  Everything felt okay until the point where the guy reaches over for his man-bag, pulls out his wallet and places the bulk of what I paid him into it.

It seems like the stories about Customs people will just have to keep on living.  This dude is definitely not the exception to the rule.  So, fellow nerfphers, just remember, to bring at least 30% of the total purchase price of your OMW stuff when you come and claim it at the post office.  My customs experience aside, here’s what I brought home:

I got the Alpha Trooper kit, which OMW calls “The Rifleman”.  Inside is this:

And because I managed to grab it during pre-order, it came with this sweet little piece:

I can’t wait to install this on my Alpha Trooper, something which I’ll be writing about in a future post on this blog.

UPDATE: In a recent email from OMW, a couple of users have reported issues with the 6kg spring that shipped with the first batch of Massacre kits (like mine).  There have been reports of the pring placing undue stress to the priming rod of the Alpha Trooper.  Subsequent kits will now ship with the 5kg spring and plunger padding.  Looks like I’ll have to pad my plunger and find a way to reinforce the priming rod.  Good luck to me! haha!

Welcome A New Challenger!

Ah yes, the Deploy.  So complicated to work on that Drac will never work on one again.  After going on SGNerf‘s modding blog, I looked at the comments and found all of the associated difficulties with messing around with this particular dart blaster.

All of this doesn’t matter though.  Because my daughter likes this blaster, and she asked me to custom paint one for her. How could I say no?